Pyrite Perfume in the Moonbox

I formulate oils for the most amazing subscription box company! Every month I get to brew a new oil blend and my newest theme is capturing the spirit and story of a stone and translate that through an essential oil perfume. Here is April 2018’s Pyrite.

Pyrite is a stone of self-realizations. Pyrite’s reflective surfaces also provide a focused mirror that not only illuminates the dark, but uses the dark to show us the exact nature of our light. Pyrite is a stone that reveals truth and provides abundance in opportunity. Yet Pyrite does not just show us the truth and point us to the highway, no, Pyrite comes along for the ride providing valuable tools to get us to our goal such as willpower, initiative, endurance, stability, generosity, ingenuity, creativity, and conviction.

This Pyrite-inspired aromatic perfume mirrors the stone in its acute reflection of truth with the sharply purifying, yet protective scent of Lime essential oil. Lime also invites energies of abundance. Pyrite is known as a stone of abundance and It provides tools to help us achieve our highest best. The aroma of Mandarin essential oil contributes creativity while Patchouli essential oil offers stability and endurance. A touch of Sweet Basil essential oil ignites the spark of generosity carried by the deep, sweet, and smoky conviction of Benzoin resin.